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About us

Who is Visualise Training and Consultancy?

At Visualise Training and Consultancy we work nationally and internationally with organisations and businesses to increase awareness of the accessibility challenges faced by employees and or customers with disabilities. Founder, Daniel Williams, who has an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa which causes gradual sight loss, established the business in 2014 in order to share his knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in this field; we have been expanding and extending this remit ever since.

What we do

We offer insights, and practical solutions, to encourage businesses and organisations to make their services more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities. From extensive research and personal experience, Daniel concluded that many employers and front line staff were unsure of how to communicate effectively with people with disabilities; he devised interactive training programmes to help them overcome this.

Training programmes offered by Visualise include courses on disability awareness, deaf equality, visual impairment awareness, coupled with inclusive teaching practice and assistive technology training for people with visual impairment. We also offer workplace assessments, small business mentoring, market testing and mystery shopping services.

The Visualise Mission

At Visualise we are committed to empowering organisations with the skills, knowledge and tools to deliver inclusive services to their customers with disabilities. Through this service, we look to raise awareness of disability issues, support businesses to become disability confident and foster within wider society a commitment to deliver greater inclusion and equality.

Daniel Williams, founder of Visualise Training and Consultancy

Daniel Williams in a black suit jacket sitting at a table“I am registered blind and have attended both mainstream and specialist schools and college; I am a fully qualified Rehabilitation Assistant, working to help people with visual impairments to lead more independent lives. I have worked within the disability sector for over five years, providing mentoring, campaigning, fundraising and advocacy services.

I am passionate about disability rights and making mainstream services accessible to all, enabling people with disabilities to be as independent as possible. I want to facilitate the social change that will eradicate the shameful employment gap between people with disabilities and the wider population, and I believe Visualise represents one important step in that change.”

Our motivation

From Daniel’s own personal experience and extensive market research, he found that many employers and employees were unsure on how to correctly assist with, or communicate effectively with people who have disabilities. This gave Daniel the motivation to establish a training and consultancy company to contribute and raise awareness in making a positive change within organisations and society.
Daniel is passionate about delivering inclusion and equality for people with disabilities. Daniel set up his business in order to share his own knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in this field.

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