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Web Accessibility for Developers

Do you know how to design a web-site taking into consideration the accessibility design principles? If not, then this will be the course for you.

Web Developer with code backgroundWeb accessibility takes control of designing for everyone, this course will demonstrate how to create accessible web pages and how to evaluate web pages for accessibility.  This course is delivered by our expert web accessibility consultants.

There are currently 6 million disabled web users in the UK alone that are unable to access web-sites

This course will give you the fundamental skills to create inclusive web-sites for everyone – you will get clicks on your website not only from the minority but the majority.

Web Accessibility Developer Training – What will be covered?

A typical course will cover:

  • Introduction to web accessibility and digital Inclusion
  • Guidelines and standards for accessible web development
  • Basics of accessible web pages using HTML and CSS techniques
  • Accessible JavaScript – various levels of detail available
  • WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) – various levels of detail available
  • Web accessibility testing techniques and tools 

We can design a bespoke course to develop you web accessibility needs.

Let us pose a few questions:

Are forms on your website marked up so customers know what to write in each field?
Will users know if there is an error on a form they are completing, and where that error is?
Can your disabled visitors navigate your website efficiently?
Can they interact with dynamic content and widgets like carousels?
Do your developers know how to build accessible components for your web application?


  • Audience: Web Developers
  • Participants: 3 to 12


  • half-day introductory course,
  • 1-day basic training, or
  • 2-day in-depth technical workshop

We can work with your organisation on a Consultancy basis to ensure your website is accessible with our Web Accessibility Service.

“Build a website for the minority and it will work for the majority”.

Please make your website more accessible for all by contacting

Telephone : 07472 305268