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Visual Impairment Awareness Training in-house courses

Two million people in the UK are visually impaired, and this figure is estimated to increase to four million by 2050, the combined result of an ageing population, together with soaring obesity and diabetes rates.

Visualise delivers specialist visual impairment (VI) awareness training to businesses for communicating with, and assisting, visually impaired customers and employees. Our training gives insights into the barriers faced by many visually impaired people, and provides the skills and confidence to better assist, and overcome these.

Do you have questions about visual impairment?

lady with a white cane asking a man for directions and he says over there, she replies whereHow do I support a visually impaired person?
Is visual language such as “see you later” offensive?
How do I guide someone with sight loss?
How can I ensure my business is accessible for people with sight loss?
Does a guide dog understand directions?

Visual Impairment Awareness Training content

Our bespoke in-house training can be tailored to cover the topics relevant to your business needs, with typical course content often including:

  • Eye conditions and their effects
  • The emotional impact of sight loss
  • How to assist and guide a visually impaired or blind person
  • Effective communication and appropriate language
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Accessible buildings and environments
  • The importance of eye health
  • How assistive technology can empower a person with a visual impairment

The course is interactive and engaging, allowing participants to take a hands-on approach, whilst fostering confidence in supporting people with visual impairment.
Take a look at our video to see what other attendees have said about the course.

We visit your organisation and deliver on-site training at your convenience. If off-site training would be more appropriate, we can arrange for the use of a training facility close to your premises.

Visual Impairment Awareness open courses

We’re currently also running open courses across the UK, find your local open course.

Why choose Visualise?

All of our trainers are highly skilled and have a variety of disabilities, which allows them to provide first-hand, practical insight and training based upon real-life experience.

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What do others say about this service?

“I thoroughly enjoyed Daniel’s Visualise training course. It was informative and was a good mix of theory, film and inter-active training. I particularly enjoyed the simulation specs. and the guiding exercises. Daniel’s delivery of the training was excellent.” – PRM Training Officer, OCS, London Gatwick Airport

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“It was a complete pleasure and fun experience to undertake the visual impairment training offered by Daniel. His knowledge and experiences bring to life a topic that some people find hard to discuss. The session was full of fun exercises and gave a real insight into how simples things can make a lot of difference. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.” – Programme Support Manager, The Prince’s Trust Cymru

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