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Inclusive Teaching Practices: teaching and supporting students with Visual Impairments in education

This course has been created to support educators and educational institutions (schools, further and higher education establishments) looking to acquire or refresh their knowledge when working with visually impaired students. This course explores challenges in meeting Inclusive Teaching Practices and provides information essential in meeting those demands; it is tailored to support the learning needs of course participants.

An overview of our Inclusive Teaching Practices course

Inclusive education for all students.This course provides an opportunity to explore themes fundamental to inclusive education when working with visually impaired learners. These include:

  • Reflection on barriers to learning, and practices to address these.
  • Adapting the classroom/lecture theatre environment to support visually impaired students.
  • Identifying the role of Assistive Technology, and how to best support its use in the classroom.
  • Recognising the importance of effective communication and the actions needed to support this process.
  • Supporting the wider student experience in terms of fostering well-being and social engagement.
  • Creating accessible and inclusive digital learning materials as part of the differentiation process.

Inclusive Teaching Practices course opportunities

Each of the above learning outcomes has been chosen to provide educators, support providers, IT staff, student union representatives and organisational staff with an opportunity to explore, discuss and challenge concepts relevant to meeting the needs of visually impaired learners in education.

The course will provide insights into creating accessible resources that improve experiential opportunities for all learners, not only those with visual impairment. It will provide a platform for the evaluation of personal and organisational competence in the provision of learning opportunities for visually impaired learners at all stages of their education.

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