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Deaf Awareness Training

Did you know there are currently 10 million people in the UK living with hearing loss? By 2035, it is estimated that figure will increase 15.6 million – that’s one in five of the population.

Why Deaf Awareness Training?

We can give your organisation the skills, confidence and knowledge to communicate effectively with your deaf and hard of hearing customers and employees.

Commonly asked questions about hearing impairment

How do I support a person who is Deaf or hearing impaired?
Will they be offended if I use hearing language such as “did you hear that”?
Do I look at the British Sign Language Interpreter (BSL) or at the person who is deaf?
Do I need to learn BSL?
Do I need to shout, and exaggerate my lips /body movements?
How can I ensure my business is accessible for people with hearing loss?
If these are questions you find yourself asking then Visualise Training and Consultancy can help.

Deaf Awareness Training content

Deaf awareness trainingA typical course will cover:

  • Types of hearing loss
  • Hearing loss prevention
  • Common misconceptions and assumptions
  • Barriers faced by deaf people
  • Communication methods
  • Good practice when communicating with a deaf person

The training includes:

  • Group discussions to encourage honest opinions and establish consistent understanding
  • Questionnaires to monitor and establish session outcomes
  • Real case studies to provide personal context

Where and when?

We can either deliver our training at your organisation premises, to minimise business disruption, or source local venues on your behalf.

Why choose Visualise?

Our trainers are highly skilled and all have a wide range of disabilities; this allows them to offer first-hand, practical insight and training, based upon real-life experience.

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