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Disability Access in the UK Leisure industry

Leisure activities are an important part of our social lives, and provide the opportunity to engage in a wider community. This is particularly important for many people with disabilities, who may struggle with issues surrounding social isolation. For people with both learning and physical disabilities, playing sports, going to restaurants and cafes, or visiting theme...
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Barriers faced by students with a Visual Impairment at Universities – Cindy’s Story

After enrolment on the course, it took until the course began to establish who would be funding my DSA support as it could have been either NHS social Care Bursaries or Student Finance England.  This I found to be very stressful as it was not even clear if my support would be funded for some...
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Barriers faced by students with visual impairments at university – Kerry’s take on the situation

About Me When you think about students it is likely that the image that comes to mind is of the younger person (18 – 22 years old), recently having finished their A Levels and now embarking on the next stage of their academic development.  If that is your idea of a student, prepare to have...
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Customer Experience with Digital Accessibility

Introduction In January 2017 Dig Inclusion and Visualise training and consultancy launched a survey to understand the experiences people with disabilities have with digital content to determine how satisfied they are with digital accessibility provided by organisations. Respondents The survey had a total of 18 questions and was open for 10 weeks. We had 27...
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Disabled Access Day

Disability access has recently been starting to receive the media coverage it deserves, and disabled access day is a great opportunity to open up the discussion around definitions of disability. It raises the fundamental question of whether we really are disabled, or whether we live in a society that disables us by choosing not to...
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