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Personal Independence Payment (PIP): Claiming when you have a visual impairment

As you will be aware, the Government’s plan is well underway now to move Disability Living Allowance (DLA) claimants to the new welfare benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP). To ensure you receive the correct rate of benefit we have put together a few tips to consider when completing the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim form and can help your complete your application to improve your chances of a successful claim.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) was previously made up of two components: the care component which had three bands (lower, middle or higher care) and the needs and mobility component (lower or higher bands).Persons arm on a desk with paperwork. The hand is holding a pen filling out forms.

The new Personal Independence Payment is also made of two components but with two bands for each: daily living (standard or enhanced) and mobility (standard or enhanced).

When answering the questions on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim form, answer these questions describing the worst-case scenarios (as if it was your worst day with your condition or disability). For example, if the question asks how far you can walk on a bad day, if this activity causes you pain or discomfort and you are unable to walk then you should state that you cannot do this activity.

  • Remember Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is based on how your condition affects you and not the condition itself or the medication you take for it.
  • The form is very long, and it is best done in segments. If you have difficulty completing it, state that you have had to seek help to do this and how long it actually took you.

How is your claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessed?

Decision makers for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will review your application and your answers will be scored based on their criteria which they refer to as ‘descriptors’. Your scores will be totalled which will indicate your award.

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) form is an important document that should be completed fully and comprehensively, perhaps with support, answering all questions correctly and concisely as this will enhance the probability of receiving a successful award.

Where can I get help?

There are many services that can help you to complete the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) form free of charge such as Citizens Advice and others that will charge a fee.

We offer a personal and comprehensive paid for service to help maximise your chance of a successful claim for £100 (no VAT is applicable) so email Dan Williams at  or call/text him on 07472305268 to find out more.