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Visual Impairment Workplace Assessments

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What is a Visual Impairment Workplace Assessment?

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It’s a specialist on-site overview of an employee’s duties and physical environment to establish areas for improvement. Recommendations are made on assistive technology software, specialist equipment and non-physical adjustments. It also takes into consideration health and wellbeing at work which is fundamental in ensuring an employee effectively fulfils their role.

This also enables employers to meet the requirements of The Equality Act 2010.

 We assess:

  • Computer software – ways to improve accessibility whilst using a computer such as magnification, speech and text-speech software
  • Working environment – adjusting employee surroundings to make the workplace more accessible and safer to use
  • Training – assessments of staff understanding and levels of support required
  • Working hours and the potential for flexible and/or working
  • Health and wellbeing of the employee in the workplace
  • Travel – Health & Safety considerations when travelling to and from work

We recommend that you commission a work-based assessment before a person with a visual impairment commences their role within your organisation and for an existing employee who acquires a condition. This will ensure your compliance with The Equality Act 2010 and support your employee in maximising their potential.

Benefit from our expertise

All our staff have extensive knowledge in the visual impairment sector, reasonable adjustment options, specialist equipment and assistive technology.

From our assessments you will gain:

  • Awareness of the employee’s condition and how best to support their needs
  • A safer and happier working environment
  • Enhanced employee performance, once recommendations have been implemented
  • Compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Demonstration of good practice that will enhance your business reputation
  • Knowledge to improve staff retention rates

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How does a visual impairment assessment work?

A specialist will visit your workplace to assess adjustments that will best support your employee to fulfil their role effectively. Their assessment will examine the nature of the employee’s impairment and how it affects their performance. A detailed, employee-centred report will then highlight recommended reasonable adjustments for implementation.

When do we recommend an assessment?

If you have already employed, or are considering employing, somebody with a visual impairment, then an assessment is necessary to identify the reasonable adjustments required. An assessment should also take place if an existing employee acquires a condition that may impact their role. Bear in mind that the majority of people with an impairment work around their issues and are not aware of the improvements that can be made.

Need more training?

We also offer Visual Impairment Awareness training to help improve your understanding and communication skills in this important area.

Contact us

For more information or to book a Visual Impairment Workplace Assessment, please email Daniel Williams at or call him on 07472305268.

What do others say about this service?

“I was really anxious about having a workplace assessment but you put me at ease and your consultant was very knowledgeable. Thank you for the adjustments you have recommended, they are making my working life so much easier.”

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