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The Importance of Disability Awareness Training

Over seven million people of working age in the UK have a disability, and employment opportunities for this huge cohort are still woefully inadequate. For many people with disabilities however, finding employment that matches their skills and experience is often not the end of discriminatory employment practice, but the beginning.   Disability discrimination Many people […]

Finding a Job

Let me introduce myself, I’m Tehani Taylor and I live in Wales.  I’m lucky enough to work part time for visualise within their communications team.  I am register blind but I have a small amount of usable sight. My experience of finding employment as a person who is registered blind In this day and age, […]

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Is self-employment: the better option for people with disabilities? 

Employment and disability has always been a contentious area. The employment statistics for people with disabilities have shifted very little over the last few decades, despite employment legislation that enshrines disability rights within the workplace, and the greater visibility of people with disabilities within society generally. Employment discrimination continues to be a huge issue for […]

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Employment VS self-employment

Statistics don’t lie, and those depicting self-employment in the UK show a growing trend amongst our workforce towards ‘being your own boss’. Sole trader status in the UK has increased dramatically over the last decade or so, from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015, accelerating a trend which began in the early […]